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Update Surface area to 51.179,92 km².[edit]

The latest measurement shows that Costa Rica total area is 51.179,92 km². 51.085,63 km² continental area and 83,29 km² insular area.

ÁREA GEOGRÁFICA ÁREA (km²) Área continental 51.085, 63 Área insular (incluyendo Isla del Coco, otras islas en general, islotes y rocas emergidas) 94,29 TOTAL 51.179,92

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the articles for Germany, Austria, and Peru all use pictures of the civil variant of the national flag, not the state. given this precedent, I think this article should do the same (i.e., use the one with no CoA).

Is necessary to update all the info[edit]

Why you guys just don't take all the data from the page in spanish that has like 4 times more info and everything is up to date instead of using this old one Here is the link


This article needs a new section covering: road routes (and expansion plans), rail, river boats, aviation... ElectronicsForDogs (talk) 20:37, 30 November 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]